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12 January 2020 - Codeword - Bread

The first of our unique Codeword puzzles to be published on our new Website and Blog.

A bit of background for you ....

The conventional rules of Codeword still apply - a completed crossword is provided with each square corresponding to a letter and you are given three decoded starter letters with your task is to complete the puzzles using your skills and judgement.  Our unique take on Codewords involves producing puzzles that keep to a specific theme.  Within each puzzle you are provided with three decoded starter letters. The same number represents that same letter within each puzzle.

Your task is to complete the entire puzzle. Fill in the known letters first and then use your skill, judgement and knowledge about the puzzle topic to complete the rest of the empty cells.

To help you keep track, as you find a letter, slot it into the grid and cross it off the alphabetical list.

Since these are themed puzzles, there is no guarantee that every letter in the alphabet is utilised in every puzzle.


~ Not all answers in any given topic will be included in a puzzle

~ All special characters are removed – there are no commas, periods, dashes

~ Where multiple words are in an answer, the space between words has been removed

This puzzle's topic is Breads! Have a think about your favourite breads from around the world. Since it's our first Codeword puzzle, I'll give you a little bit of help. The letters that don't appear in this puzzle are: J X


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