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New Launch: The Ultimate 1980's Codeword Collection

Well it has been a bit of time since our last post but I'm happy to say that we are launching a new book - The Ultimate 1980's Codeword Collection. Available on Amazon now.

Are you a child of the 1980's or think that the best of everything happened during this important decade? Then this book is for you.

Do you have a good knowledge of classic 80's kids cartoons and their villains? What about 1980's Oscar winning actors?

Or how about the biggest pop stars and sports stars from the decade?

As someone that spent their early years in the 1980's, I have very fond memories of my favourite cartoon (Inspector Gadget), my first album (New Kids on the Block's Hanging Tough) and my favourite US sitcom (Married with Children). See if you can spot your favourites inside.

We'll also be following this up shortly with our 1990's and 2000's Codeword Collections.

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