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Ho, Ho, Ho ... Merry Christmas (part 1)

Well we are a few days post-Christmas so please forgive me. I hope you all had an amazing time with your family/friends/whatever you like to do during the holidays. We had some time off and have been eating (to excess) with another few big main meals planned before New Years Eve.

In order to celebrate the Christmas season, I thought it might be nice to share a couple of our Christmas-themed puzzles. Below is one of our crosswords and I'll follow up in the next few days with a wordsearch and Codeword.

All of these are available in The Ultimate Christmas Activity Collection - available on Amazon now.


1 Number of ghosts in “A Christmas Carol” (4)

2 Santa-tracker (5)

6 Most popular tree topper (5)

7 Three French ____ (4)

9 Jesus Christ was born in a ______ (6)

11 Another name for Eggnog (4,5)

15 Twelve days after Christmas (8)

18 No room at the ___. Mary and Joseph's problem(3)

19 "Last Christmas" band (4)

21 Rudolph's elf friend (movie) (6)

22 Modern day country where St Nicholas was born (6)

23 Ghost in “A Christmas Carol”. Ghost of Christmas ____ (4)

24 Canadian Prime Minister born on Christmas Day (7)

25 Gremlins cute creature (5)


1 “Santa Clause is Comin' to Town” movie narrator (4,7)

2 Number of reindeer in Santa's sleigh (4)

3 Reindeer whose name derives from thunder (6)

4 He stole Christmas (3,6)

5 First country to issue a Christmas stamp (6)

7 Second line of "Silent Night" (4,5)

8 Number of points of a snowflake (3)

10 Colour of Elvis' Christmas (4)

12 We Three ______ (5)

13 Popularised term that merges Christmas with Hannukah (11)

14 Ralphie's younger brother in "A Christmas Story" (5)

16 Country that believes a witch drops presents to children at Christmas (5)

17 Leona Lewis, number of sleeps to Christmas (song) (3)

19 Skin hanging from a turkey's neck (6)

20 Place where children receive presents from Santa (6)

Solution below ......

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